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It was nearly a three year battle that my mom fought with Alzheimer’s disease before her mind and body couldn’t take anymore. So, on this day five years ago, she passed away. For those years, we all grieved her death. In her final years, we all stood beside her and loved her with all our hearts. Though, instead of thinking about those dark days with her illness, this year I tried to think back to when I was a child and the things I remember from our humble little home on Palamino Drive in Warren, Michigan.


For some reason… I remember shampoo! Mom loved trying new varieties, but the two I remember most were “Yucca Dew” and “Prell”, with the pearl floating slowly to the bottom of the bottle. Of course, a weekend wasn’t complete without a good old bubble bath in our pink-tiled bathroom.

Cuisine was apparently not on the top of my mom’s importance list. My sister and I ate plenty of tv dinners. In fact, to this day, my sister and I laugh about when I got a pea stuck in my nose when she made me laugh when I was trying to gag them down. My sister was a magician and scattering veggies to make it look like she ate them! One, Two, Three Jello was a huge treat. I only liked the One and Two parts! We snacked on things like Astro pops and Gold Mine gum. Tang was a staple as well, espcially when we were sick… then we got hot Tang!

Toys were a big deal for me. I can still remember my first Crissy doll, and giving myself a headache playing with Clackers. Spirograph was tons of fun and… if I close my eyes, I can still remember the smell of Creepy Crawlers.

My sister and I were quite the fashion models with our crocheted ponchos and our Smock Tops that my mother learned how to sew (E-GADS!!!) This, while my mom was wearing mini-skirts and Go-Go boots.

One final thing that makes me laugh to this day... is Dippety Do!! My mom would always slather that on our bangs and tape them to our forehead!!!

There are thousands of memories of which I could relay, but for this day….I want to remember these uncomplicated, and pure thoughts of my mom. Still missing you! From the bottom of all of our hearts alike, we all love you and will have you in our thoughts always. Love you Mom/Grammy!

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