Gail's Gazette

It’s always a bittersweet time of the year for me when the flowers start to wilt and the sun sets earlier and earlier. I spent the last few days removing flowers that just couldn’t take one more day of heat. The summer always starts out with a bang with blooms upon blooms and cascading vines and vegetables reaching for the sky. It’s almost like a backyard dance of color and texture. When the August days come to a close, the garden troopers start to poop out. This was a rough summer for almost all of my plants, with the exception of some really hardy petunias and bundles of tomatoes, but everything else was a race to keep alive. Here are some shots of what really did well this year:

I hate to see summer wane, but I really love fall. I can almost smell the cold, crisp evening air as we try to catch one more night on the patio with our chiminea. We close everything down and prepare to nest for the winter. Just when I’ve had enough of the cold and snow… I dream about a plant scheme for the spring and summer ahead. It is now… this time of year… between old and new...that I realize how much I love living in Western New York.


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