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WECK has a weekly feature called “So Happy Together”, featuring Gina Browning from the SPCA each Thursday morning at 8:40 a.m.


Our focus is to spotlight an animal up for adoption and pass along important information about the well-being of your pets.


If you have yet to see their sprawling new facility at 300 Harlem Road in West Seneca, my goal today was to give you an inside look at some of what these animal lovers work with each and every day.


On the front page of Gail’s Gazette, you’ll see a photo of Gina Browning and Bethany Kloc who lovingly seek to place many of the animals into forever homes. They, along with countless others, breathe new life and hope to a wide array of pets. During my visit with my daughter Maria, we saw everything from hawks to baby rabbits, to turtles, to ferrets, to kittens and dogs.  

(Gail Ann and her daughter Maria)

The Harlem Road facility is home to a barn, which houses farm animals. We met Sheila, who was on duty caring for the pigs, ducks, chickens, a goat and a mini horse. You can tell by Sheila’s smile...they are all her favorite animals. One of the smaller pigs was actually receiving behavioral therapies from the SPCA following a traumatic incident.  

(Shelia at the barn)

(Pigs and Geese in the SPCA barn)


On our way back to the main building, we ran into Silas who was getting his “Crazy” in the outdoor playground. From Frisbee to pool to ball... Silas was loving it all, and we were loving him right back.

(Silas taking a dip!)

The SPCA also has a Wildlife component. We were allowed to see the newborn baby squirrels and bunnies, as well as a number of birds, including two hawks.  

(Some of the animals in the WildLife Facility)

Continued loving care was seen in the infirmary where animals were being treated for various injuries of ailments. By the look in their eyes, most seemed to know they were getting a second chance.

(Baby kitten on the mend!)

Happily, the number of dogs up for adoption was low on this day, but we did meet a few real “hams” still waiting for their day in the sun.  Kittens and cats were resting, and playing, eating and socializing. Each feline with an individual personality just waiting to show off for you!

(Looking for a warm and happy home!)

The turtles, ferrets and frogs were beautifully displayed in their own comfortable habitats… and they also would like to come home with you.

(Sleeping and Swimming!)

For my daughter and me… We soaked in the the cuteness, the wonder, the love and the willingness from everyone at the SPCA serving Erie County to do right by all of the animals in their care. Of course, we had to go to the Petique to buy a toy for Finnick and a coffee mug with the SPCA logo on it.

(Little WECK Kitties!)

What a great afternoon! Thank you to our animal warriors at the SPCA!  

(Some of the proud SPCA workers!)

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