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For some reason, Dill plants grow all throughout my vegetable garden… almost to the point of annoyingly. For years I really didn’t know how to use it, so it usually withered away unused at the end of the season. Last year I decided to harvest some of it and learn what to use it with.  

Growing Dill

I did a little research on the plant itself and found out that it’s a native of China, but used throughout the world in many different cuisines. Most people use the fronds (the wispy little greens that grow off the branches. You can also use the seeds in recipes, but they take on more of a caraway flavor. So what can you do with Dill???? Try it in the following ways and tell me you don’t grow to love it:


-Mix with cream cheese, parsley and chives for your morning bagel.


-Use it in a cream sauce to drizzle over grilled salmon.


-Use it along with butter on potatoes and baby carrots.


-Toss some in your yolk mixture when making deviled eggs.


-Make a tangy cucumber, onion, vinegar and dill salad.


-Definitely use it for quick pickling recipes.


-Use it in Ranch dressing (store bought or homemade).


If Dill is growing in your garden… give it a try! Cut down the mature stalks, tie the ends and stores in a sealed paper bag in a cool, dry place for a few days. The seeds should easily fall to the bottom of the bag and the fronds you can chop into smaller pieces. I put them in mini mason jars and keep them in with my spices. Let me know if you tried anything with your dill this season!



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