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I love to hear about new and creative ways to use things that most of us have in our kitchens to accomplish everyday tasks. This time around, I’ll give you some awesome, and unusual uses for rice and coffee.

Let’s start with the coffee. Of course, helping to wake us up in the morning would be the main objective, but you can also try some of the following tricks for your grounds, for example: First, fill a an old pair of panyhose with coffee grounds and tie both sides. Another thing you can do is put the bag under your car seat to filter out odors. Using coffee grounds can help clean stubborn stains on your pots and pans. You can then use coffee grounds mixed with hand soap to get the smell of garlic or fish off your hands. Dried used coffee grounds make a great homemade pin-cushion filler. Used coffee grounds, added to other composting materials will help your gardens grow and your flowers bloom. Apply cool, strong coffee to dry hair and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse and your hair will be extremely shiny! You can also place a few coffee beans in your salt shaker to keep the salt from caking.

Rice is another one of those handy things that most of us have in our cupboards, so try a few of these following tips: If your blender blades are dull, put a half a cup of uncooked rice in and let your blender run for a few minutes. If you're waiting for your fruit to ripen, put some uncooked rice in with the fruit and the ripening process will speed up. Do you also have silk flowers in your house that are looking a little dusty?? Put some rice in a bag along with the flowers, close and shake vigorously and the dust is gone! Futhermore, you can dry out wet shoes or boots by putting uncooked rice in them and leaving them overnight. In addition, leaving an open container of uncooked rice in your toolbox and it will prevent your tools from rusting.

Give these a try and let me know if they work for you. If you have any rice or coffee hacks….let me know! You can email me at any time!












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