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Everything old becomes new again… or so the saying goes!! So, in recent years, I’ve jumped on the succulent bandwagon and I’m having a blast.


If you’ve been to any garden center recently, you’ve probably noticed an array of succulents or by definition… any plant having fleshy tissues that conserve moisture. I prefer to describe them as little cacti. Years ago, our family had this groovy terrarium that sported some hideous looking succulents, but they were cool back then. Not knowing how to care for succulents, I actually rid an entire front garden of them several years ago.


What turned me back to these little critters were the way people were growing them. You could find them popping up in old tea cups, or broken logs or glass teardrops hanging above a kitchen window.  Most recently, they have been trending for bridal bouquets and the designs are as beautiful as the succulents themselves.



Bridal Bouquet of Succulent PlantsWhether you choose to grow them indoors or outdoors (or both), there are a few things you should take into consideration so they stay looking their best. According to Better Homes and Gardens, succulents require some special care. First, you must remember they are desert plants, so they can stay dry for quite some time.  That does not mean you should spritz them with water every now and then. Even in the desert, rain does fall, so when you water your succulents, give them a soaking and then let them dry again. If planting indoors, make sure you place them in a south facing window and follow the same watering directions.


Most importantly with succulents… Have fun and be creative.  Ask any garden professional to show you the varieties they have in stock!!!


My very own succulents.
Another one of my succulents.


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