Gail's Gazette
I’ve heard it said
That to love a pet
Surely is not very smart.
For all too soon
They pass away
And take a piece of your heart.
I know that some 
Will take that advice
And never know what they will miss.
But I have walked
A different path
And my pets have left me with this:
In the end
The love they take
Can never equal 
The LOVE they make!
When the microphone clicks off and the daily work is done, we all leave WECK and head home. Our job requires us to be upbeat and positive, but all have days wh the glass feels half empty rather than half full.
We would like to share with you our secret weapons to getting us back on track: Our Pets!!

Tom Donahue’s little guy Tucker. Tom says he’s 10 pounds of love and laughs for he and his wife Barb!

Joe Chille has a cat named “Baby”. Joe says she thinks she’s a lapdog and waits for him in the window every day!

Jon Summers has two cuties. Introducing Otis the cat and Clara the dog. Jon says they love each other as much as they love people. He also shares that besides his wife and son, they are the loves of his life.

Steve Cichon has a true beauty named Willow.  He and his wife adopted her from the SPCA.  Steve says not to let the grey beard fool you , she still thinks she’s a puppy !

Gail Ann has a little guy named Finnick.  He is the ruler of our house and rules with love! I mean…..c’mon look at that face!


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