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The maintenance man at Harris Hill Elementary in Clarence is a finalist for Janitor of the Year.


Mark Zaidel, a beloved janitor at Harris Hill Elementary School, wears many hats throughout the school year. From dressing up as Santa Claus during the school’s annual holiday concert to wearing a funny cowboy hat while mowing the grass, Mr. Z always knows how to put a smile on a student’s face.


When an infamous Buffalo blizzard hits, Mr. Z is the first person to act, paving paths for little feet to enter the school safe and sound. And when a child loses a tooth at school, and evidently misplaces it, Mr. Z puts on his Tooth Fairy hat and comes to the rescue with a pouch of cool shark teeth he keeps on hand for this very occasion, allowing kids to keep one and put under their pillow.


While Mr. Z is known for his creative and funny personality, he’s also known for his endless compassion and is always looking out for kids with special needs, helping them feel like part of the community in any way that he can.


You can vote for Mark Zaidel at the link below


From super heroes to fairy godmothers, this year’s top 10 finalists for Cintas Corporation’s

2018 Janitor of the Year Contest are extraordinary individuals. In its fifth year, the Janitor of the Year Contest aims to draw attention to the everyday heroes that wear invisible capes and go above and beyond their job description to make schools a clean, healthy and fun learning environment.


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