Moon 'Doggie' Rivers

The other night I heard our WECK big voice guy call me a "radio legend". In a sense, I guess I am, but not like the other personalities here at WECK.

They, are real radio legends. Me ? I'm more of a legendary radio "listener"

And I go way back. Back to when I listened to Danny Neavereth, Tommy Shannon, Joey Reynolds and all those great voices at KB, I remember grumpy old Clint Buelman, The Hound and Shane Brother Shane, plus out of town personalities like the guys at Chum

in Toronto and at night, talented voices from Chicago and New York City...

Those , were the voices of legend !

They created an art form , those "audio equestrians", riding their vinyl steed across our pop-rockin' stream of

consciousness .. and their horse had a name, it was called, "The sound of the day", the pulse of a generation,

these, "audio equestrians" , riding bareback on the airwaves...

But me, I am not one of them. I am no legend.

I am just a humble shepherd of gentle souls

In the night

On the radio

Just trying to bring some peace to your mind and some great oldies music, to your ears.

I hope you join me weeknights at 7

And..... shine on, Drifter

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