Gail Ann Huber

My family consists of my 18-year old twins, Anthony and Maria. They are both in college right now...Anthony at ECC and Maria at Fredonia. They are the center of my universe in every way. Besides the twins, I have a very special little guy who keeps me company every day and his name is Finnick. Finnick is my little Peek-a-Pom. He has the Pekingese face and the Pom tail and the personality of a sweet little angel.

We've been living in Hamburg for about 4 years now, and I've fallen in love with the village. There is a quaint spirit about the area, where you feel comfortable and at ease. There are a ton of things you can walk to and the village always looks season-friendly.

I love to decorate and garden......those are my two major hobbies! Speaking of hobbies, you'll probably find me at Hobby Lobby because I'm always looking for a project. I have several gardens that are filled with flowers and veggies. Love to grow things....hate to weed.

My guilty pleasures include expensive candles (using coupons of course). I love to have fires in our fireplace in the winter and enjoy quiet time on my patio during the summer. Not thrilling to most but you learn in life that simple .

My very first job was as a lifeguard at an apartment complex swimming pool. That explains most of my age spots I suppose!

My start in radio was at WSPQ in Springville. I started working there before it went on the air, so most of what I did was paint, do field readings and practice....all for no pay until we eventually went of the air. I admit I was awful, but I got my feet wet and gained the desire to succeed.

I am the most proud of two thing in life: Anthony and Maria. They are a true blessing in every way. They have had their share of challenges in life (as most do), but they have shown resolve and resilience throughout everything. They are kind and polite and funny and fantastic. Who wouldn't be proud????

People may be surprised to know that I have grown up. Yes....I am now in my fifties and have not been frozen in time. Life marches on and I have a few more wrinkles and grey hair that I color more regularly these days.

My favorite vacation spot is Jamaica. I fell in love with the island the first time I visited and have longed to get back there someday.

As for restaurants...I really enjoy J.P Fitzgeralds in Hamburg. They have the best French Onion Soup on the planet. While driving my daughter to Fredonia, we stopped at Native Pride a few times and found out they are the most incredible sandwiches and breakfasts. As for my favorite cuisine, I love Mexican and a great local spot is El Canelo.

My favorite movie of all time is The Notebook. That's a great middle of the winter, box of tissues, ball your eyes out, be alone kind of movie. Don't freak out, but my favorite TV show is The Walking Dead! I don't know why but it really drew me in and now I can't stop watching it. Also....there is a series on PBS called Call the Midwife that I think many of you would enjoy.

There are a million causes to be passionate about, but several really capture my heart. I adore animals, so I support many of the local rescue organizations. The work they do is a labor of love and matching a human heart to an animal heart is powerful. My mom was taken too young recently of an aggressive form of Alzheimer's disease, so I am very supportive of the organizations that help both those inflicted with the malady and their caregivers.

What do I love about Buffalo? A whole bunch of things!!! The Sabres, The Bills, the lake, Shea's, the seasons, the scenery, the culture, the art, the newly-found pride and hope, but mostly...the people.

Buddy Shula and I have known each other for years, and I know we share the desire to turn back time when radio was fun and engaging. Let's face it....there are so many options for music out there, but radio is about more than that! Radio should represent the listener on all levels. It should be a balance of music and information and fun, and somewhere you feel happy. Buddy's vision is shared by many people in our industry. How lucky am I to be a part of this new family and new (old) way of broadcasting.

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