Danny Neaverth

I am the kid from Keppel Street....South Buffalo on the poorer side of the Buffalo River.

Marie....first girlfriend.....first wife. ....first for 58 yrs...Parents of Dan jr. Dave,Darren and Dean. We stopped after we found out what was causing it. If we had a fifth boy....would have been named Dopey. Disappointed aunts and others who carefully watch the calendars after a marriage. Dan Jr. didn't come along until two yrs later. The boys tell their Mother,very little. They and Marie agree; think I can't keep a secret.

We live in Orchard Park with other rich people. To seem more humble I always wear old clothes. We have no pets, but we do have a moat surrounding our home and fake security signs so no one steals all our money, which we keep in a box in the cupboard. My guilty pleasure is playing with my train layout in the basement. (Note) these are REAL TRAINS....not Lionel or American Flyer. Marie says the smoke and diesel fumes make her nauseous but I think it's me.

My first job was at Hengerers Dept store on Main Street. I worked as a stock boy in the candy dept. after school. Every day I would call up Uber and ride downtown to work. Believe it or not I really don't like candy......except Milky Way and peppermint patties which they didn't sell. After high school I attended The Curran Studios in Syracuse. Jack Curran was a Broadcast and vocal coach. When asked where I went to school I would always answer SYRACUSE (technically not a lie). I wanted to sound like I was smart like all those people who went there. As a matter of fact, I told WECK I went there.

I am not your average high school graduate. My first job.......WFRM.....Coudersport Pa. It sounds like a small town, but it's on all the local tv weather maps. Check it out. I am most proud of my family. Marie..the boys.....grandkids ....the best.

This might surprise you. I am an emergency room physician specializing in splinter removal and bandaging.

Favorite vacation spot.......Antarctica......and Moscow (Let the Investigations begin) Fave restaurant.....ilio DIPaolos. Love Bluebloods. Never watched Game of Thrones.......why would anyone watch a game show about toilets?

I am most passionate about World Peace. (I picked that up from watching contestants on beauty pageants.) Marie accepts no gifts...birthday, Christmas etc. Instead asks kids to donate to wounded Warriors. Well there has to be at least one sane person in this marriage.

What I like most about Buffalo? THE PEOPLE. Thats what everybody says when asked that. Truthfully there are at least three people that I don't my actual answer I LIKE THE PEOPLE except those three.

The bigger question WHY AM I AT WECK? Okay the truth.....Three chains own most of the Buffalo radio stations with the exception of a Country Station. I can't work there because my head is bigger than their ten gallon hats. Another chain is way too far from my house. Besides who wants to drive thru all those Amherst and State Police radar traps? The buzzing on my radar detector drives me crazy. Another chain is downtown. Did you ever try to park downtown? Why it costs $20 to park for a baseball game. The third chain is closer but those are the Bas#<*#% s that didn't renew my contract after 13 yrs.'s WECK...GREAT ENTHUSIASTIC OWNER....SUPER TALENTED STAFF...(with exception of me) MUSIC WITH LYRICS YOU CAN UNDERSTAND........AN ACTUAL NEWS DEPT.....AND........FREE PARKING.......Of all the people WECK has hired...........I am the only one I've never heard of.

Thank you.

DAN NEAVERTH SR.......NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH DAN NEAVERTH JR. who has a real important job. However, I am better looking.

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