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Gail's Gazette Archives for 2018-03

Steps you should take if (when) you win the Mega Millions

If you hit the $502 million Mega Millions jackpot, here are tips for keeping it quiet, from MSNBC:




Looking back and ahead at Shea's Seneca

Work continues in re-opening the South Buffalo landmark Shea's Seneca theater.


Buffalo News reporter Jonathan Epstein looks at the work going into the Seneca Street building, and the tenants that can be expected to soon start populating the building.


Shea's Seneca lands coffeehouse, bar, florist, tacos


Buffalo Stories looks back at the buildings past as a theater, with six vintage photos and memories.


What It Looked Like Wednesday: Shea’s Seneca Theatre in South Buffalo



Ranking WNY's physical health and personal financial health

Buffalo and Erie County landing on a couple of interesting surveys.
Lendingtree.com says there's no better place in the country than Buffalo to start over if you've had some financial difficulty. They looked at 8 different metrics in the nation's 50 largest metro areas. 
US News and World Report has issued a county-by county look at the nation's healthiest communities.
Erie County didn't make the top 500 but there was some good news and bad news to take away from the data:
  • We live a little longer, smoke a little less and are 200% more likely to be insured than the national average here...
  • But while we spend 80% more per student here-- our graduation rates are 7 points below average. 


How Healthy is Erie County?

Best Places for a Fresh Start


Clarence Custodian asking for your vote

The maintenance man at Harris Hill Elementary in Clarence is a finalist for Janitor of the Year.


Mark Zaidel, a beloved janitor at Harris Hill Elementary School, wears many hats throughout the school year. From dressing up as Santa Claus during the school’s annual holiday concert to wearing a funny cowboy hat while mowing the grass, Mr. Z always knows how to put a smile on a student’s face.


When an infamous Buffalo blizzard hits, Mr. Z is the first person to act, paving paths for little feet to enter the school safe and sound. And when a child loses a tooth at school, and evidently misplaces it, Mr. Z puts on his Tooth Fairy hat and comes to the rescue with a pouch of cool shark teeth he keeps on hand for this very occasion, allowing kids to keep one and put under their pillow.


While Mr. Z is known for his creative and funny personality, he’s also known for his endless compassion and is always looking out for kids with special needs, helping them feel like part of the community in any way that he can.


You can vote for Mark Zaidel at the link below


From super heroes to fairy godmothers, this year’s top 10 finalists for Cintas Corporation’s

2018 Janitor of the Year Contest are extraordinary individuals. In its fifth year, the Janitor of the Year Contest aims to draw attention to the everyday heroes that wear invisible capes and go above and beyond their job description to make schools a clean, healthy and fun learning environment.  





Photos and assignments of accused Catholic priests

Bishop Richard Malone announced the names of 42 priests accused of abuse of children.  

Here are photos of 38 of the accused:


The Buffalo News has compiled an in depth list of parish and other assignments from the priests who appeared on the list.




The Rick James parking garage

Colin Dabkowski writes about a proposed Rick James neon sign for the Elmwood Strip:

"A large neon sign featuring the likeness of Buffalo-born funk star Rick James may soon anchor a new project designed to transform a little-known public parking garage near the former Women's and Children's Hospital into a destination for fans of Buffalo music and public art."



Rick James on Buffalo:

“The people of Buffalo are beautiful. There’s a lot of talent here,” said Rick James upon his return here in 1977. See some great photos of Rick James around town... 

Rick James on Buffalo: ‘It’s a great town, but it’s a strange place'



The BBC reports on a Buffalo drug court

The BBC is reporting on the story of Buffalo City Court Judge Craig Hannah-- whose own struggles with addiction have lead him to run Buffalo's drug court.





SPCA: Shroom the Cat with an Elvis snarl

Check out Shroom the cat and the rest of the animals at the SPCA serving Erie County!




Jim Carrey's latest painting is causing a stir

Actor Jim Carrey is facing heat for an image he painted and posted to Twitter.

Some say it's an unflattering image of Presidential spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Read more from CBS:



Easter at the Broadway Market




Here's a rundown of the schedule from now til Easter at the Broadway Market:


Is your home made sausage Buffalo's best kielbasa?

Do you or someone you know make amazing homemade Polish sausage?
Is it good enough to the Buffalo's Best Kielbasa?
Buffalo's Best Kielbasa contest comes to the Broadway Market on Dyngus Day, and organizers want to share your sausage for a shot a processed meat glory.
Here's the application for the contest:


Looking at Shea's upcoming season

Shea's has announced it's full 2018-19 Broadway season. 

Buffalo News Critic Colin Dabkowski takes a look at the shows making it to Buffalo this year:



Ranch or bleu cheese on your (Buffalo) wings?

Frank's Red Hot is the secret ingredient in most of Buffalo's favorite chicken wings, but that doesn't mean the folks who run Frank's social media accounts know Buffalo's secret handshake when it comes to wings.

Over the weekend, Frank's tweeted about eating "Buffalo wings" with (sorry to shock you so early in the morning) ranch dressing. 

After Buffalo collectively lost its mind on Twitter, Frank's has been trying to make up for the gaffe-- which is only a gaffe inside the 716 area code. 

Steve Watson takes a look at the tweet and the resposnse in The Buffalo News: 



SPCA Baby Wildlife Shower

The spring season is fast-approaching and the SPCA will see an influx of orphaned and injured baby wild animals. Please join us for an open house as we celebrate all things wild and prepare for the busy baby season.
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
More info:



Taste of Buffalo Poster contest

Create original artwork for a poster that best conveys the essence of the Taste of Buffalo and the Taste of Buffalo’s 35th birthday celebration in the center of our city, Buffalo, NY. All entries must contain the required elements, and comply with the specifications and design rules listed in these rules.




Controversy swirls over renting out baby chicks for Easter

There's a wide range of opinion on a story that's been floating around Facebook and the TV news over the last couple of days:
Should Steve's Wonderful World of Pets Amherst be renting chicks for Easter?
Owner Steve Lane tells The Buffalo News "These (chicks) come out of the food industry for a couple weeks and they get some loving by kids. I think we're doing a service for these chicks."
But Gina Browning with the SPCA says, "We dont think this is right."
Read Steve Watson's complete story for The Buffalo News:



Putting the Chestnut back in Chestnut Ridge

Most of us don't even think about it, but Orchard Park's Chestnut Ridge Park doesn't actually have any chestnut trees-- the last of them died in the 90s. 
Sandra Tan reports in The Buffalo News today that county officals are making a concerted effort to bring back chestnut trees to chestnut ridge... 

Read the full story from The Buffalo News here:



The Buffalo News looks at different Assembly and Senate bills in the wake of Parkland

In Albany, lawmakers are trying to respond to the call for changes to gun laws and better protections for kids in schools, but the Democrat-run Assembly and Republican-run Senate are going in different directions.


Today, The Buffalo News breaks down the Assembly bills-- which emphasize modifying gun laws, and the Senate bills-- which emphasize directly making schools safer. 



Today's So Happy Together cats: California and Slate

The 10-year-old brother and sister should be adopted together. 

More about California and Slate... and all the cats at the SPCA Serving Erie County 


Touchdown for Teachers Entry info

The winner of Touchdown for Teachers will receive:
  • $2,000 in grant funds, payable to the school or district to further their impact
  • An in-class visit from a Buffalo Bills Player or Alumnus
  • Two tickets to a Buffalo Bills spring special event
Four finalists will receive:
  • $500 in grant funds, payable to the school or district to further their impact
  • Two tickets to a Buffalo Bills spring special event
  • All nominees will receive a certificate of recognition from the Buffalo Bills and M&T Bank.


Click here to enter



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