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One Remarkable Woman

Her name is Trina Ostrander, and at first glance she looks like the nicest person in the world. She’s not bold or flashy, but she is nothing short of remarkable.

Trina has two sons, Nick and Anthony. Nick is two years older than Anthony, but their worlds are so far apart. When Anthony was only four-months old, Trina suspected something was wrong, so she took him to the doctor. The news was not good, but workable in the long-run. They said Anthony was blind. At almost two years old, Anthony began having tremors, and that began a downward spiral of hospitalizations and endless questions with endless answers. It was a trip to the hospital in April of 2002 that Anthony walked in and was unable to walk out. Forever a changed little boy. He had experienced something called “ Epilepticus”, which were crushing seizures leading to brain damage and eventual life support.

Despite hundreds of tests, everything was coming back negative. Now, it was up to Trina and in-home nursing care to set a path of comfort for Anthony. There were many scares and ups and downs for Anthony, but for Trina, she held firm.She knows that her undying love and her ability to stand-up for her son is the reason he is still here today.

Despite the mountain in front of her, Trina continues to advocate for her son on every level. She says one of her darker moments was when her oldest son, Nick, went for a first day of school without her there.  To this day she laments over not being able to give him a folder with some paper and a hug and good luck. But is was another time in the hospital for Anthony.

In 2013, Trina called Hospice because she felt as if she was at the end of her rope.  Feeling stuck, but not defeated, she learned of a new program through Hospice that would be starting in the fall. The program called Essential Care, would help families with children in these situation with a form of palliative care that could help round out their care.

Anthony has an Essential Care nurse that comes in to assist Trina with medical protocol that could help Anthony to relieve pain or breathing problems, or whatever he needed that specialists couldn’t supply.

Trina says that before Essential Care, she always felt as if she was falling, but when they stepped in….they caught her.  Navigating through paperwork and medical diaries and specialists and nurses is just a part of Trina’s day. Essential Care provides a social worker and chaplain and music therapy. Some is for Anthony and some is for Trina.

As for Nick, Trina says at the age of 20 now, he has turned out to be an amazing soul.  Nick has the strength and the patience and the kindness and honor that most of us could only wish for in a child.  

Determined, strong, loving, kind and full of love is Trina’s personality. She hopes other parents will turn to the Essential Care program at Hospice if they need help.

At the Erie County Fair this year, WECK radio raised money for this amazing program. If you need help, call them at 716-686-8006. They would also appreciate any donations to help this program move forward.

Trina doesn’t look past today.  Every day with her two sons is a gift.  Like she says, no one ever thinks they can do something like this, but you can.  Embrace it with all of your heart and soul!


Before Anything, She was just my Mom.

It was nearly a three year battle that my mom fought with Alzheimer’s disease before her mind and body couldn’t take anymore. So, on this day five years ago, she passed away. For those years, we all grieved her death. In her final years, we all stood beside her and loved her with all our hearts. Though, instead of thinking about those dark days with her illness, this year I tried to think back to when I was a child and the things I remember from our humble little home on Palamino Drive in Warren, Michigan.


For some reason… I remember shampoo! Mom loved trying new varieties, but the two I remember most were “Yucca Dew” and “Prell”, with the pearl floating slowly to the bottom of the bottle. Of course, a weekend wasn’t complete without a good old bubble bath in our pink-tiled bathroom.

Cuisine was apparently not on the top of my mom’s importance list. My sister and I ate plenty of tv dinners. In fact, to this day, my sister and I laugh about when I got a pea stuck in my nose when she made me laugh when I was trying to gag them down. My sister was a magician and scattering veggies to make it look like she ate them! One, Two, Three Jello was a huge treat. I only liked the One and Two parts! We snacked on things like Astro pops and Gold Mine gum. Tang was a staple as well, espcially when we were sick… then we got hot Tang!

Toys were a big deal for me. I can still remember my first Crissy doll, and giving myself a headache playing with Clackers. Spirograph was tons of fun and… if I close my eyes, I can still remember the smell of Creepy Crawlers.

My sister and I were quite the fashion models with our crocheted ponchos and our Smock Tops that my mother learned how to sew (E-GADS!!!) This, while my mom was wearing mini-skirts and Go-Go boots.

One final thing that makes me laugh to this day... is Dippety Do!! My mom would always slather that on our bangs and tape them to our forehead!!!

There are thousands of memories of which I could relay, but for this day….I want to remember these uncomplicated, and pure thoughts of my mom. Still missing you! From the bottom of all of our hearts alike, we all love you and will have you in our thoughts always. Love you Mom/Grammy!


20 Candles and 1 Wish

It was a big morning September 18th, 1998.  I remember it well. In the predawn hours, two little faces popped out to brave the world.  That morning, I met my twins for the very first time. Exhausted and in a bit of pain, it was still overwhelming to study their faces and little fingers and toes.  Anthony and Maria were perfect in my eyes.

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you, that babies were a mystery to me.  What could they possibly be crying about again and again and again. One slept, one didn’t.  One was in a crib, one was in a swing. One ate fine, the other constantly got sick. Oh my Heavens!!!

When the twins were a little over a year old, their father and I split and the reality of having two infants required as much strength as I could muster.  Soon they started morphing into little humans with personalities that were unique and quite funny. I remember wishing they would walk early and potty train early and talk early.  Again, one did and one didn’t!

From those early days, life seemed to fly by. They grew, school started, friends came and went and we were the “three musketeers”!

The times that we laughed until we fell off the couch, or pushed everything aside for popcorn and Friday night with the show “Ghost Whisperer” were so memorable.


The teenage years were a complete blur.  Now it was boyfriends, dances, a few more arguments than before and the push for independence.  Okay...I get it, but what about needing your mom still? Come to find out, that even today….they still do, but in different ways.  

So today….it’s 20 candles for each cake and one wish from your dear old mom!  Wish indeed….just don’t wish things away. Don’t “wish” college was over, don’t “wish” you’ll never get hurt, don’t wish that life was easier, don’t “wish” you were rich.  Live your lives like the two independent and beautifully unique people you always have been. I say this only because 20 becomes 30, becomes 40 and so on. Embrace the moments along the way.  Happy BIrthday Anthony and Maria. I love you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!


WECK at School!

With school starting this week all over Western New York, we decided to look into our school past. Try not to laugh but we all experienced picture day too.


Here are some of our photos:

Here is Tom Donahue in 7th Grade!


Here is John Summers in his senior year of high school.



Here is my photo from Kindergarten. (And yes... my mother cut my bangs in this photo.)





Farewell Summer 2018!

It’s always a bittersweet time of the year for me when the flowers start to wilt and the sun sets earlier and earlier. I spent the last few days removing flowers that just couldn’t take one more day of heat. The summer always starts out with a bang with blooms upon blooms and cascading vines and vegetables reaching for the sky. It’s almost like a backyard dance of color and texture. When the August days come to a close, the garden troopers start to poop out. This was a rough summer for almost all of my plants, with the exception of some really hardy petunias and bundles of tomatoes, but everything else was a race to keep alive. Here are some shots of what really did well this year:

I hate to see summer wane, but I really love fall. I can almost smell the cold, crisp evening air as we try to catch one more night on the patio with our chiminea. We close everything down and prepare to nest for the winter. Just when I’ve had enough of the cold and snow… I dream about a plant scheme for the spring and summer ahead. It is now… this time of year… between old and new...that I realize how much I love living in Western New York.




WECK has a weekly feature called “So Happy Together”, featuring Gina Browning from the SPCA each Thursday morning at 8:40 a.m.


Our focus is to spotlight an animal up for adoption and pass along important information about the well-being of your pets.


If you have yet to see their sprawling new facility at 300 Harlem Road in West Seneca, my goal today was to give you an inside look at some of what these animal lovers work with each and every day.


On the front page of Gail’s Gazette, you’ll see a photo of Gina Browning and Bethany Kloc who lovingly seek to place many of the animals into forever homes. They, along with countless others, breathe new life and hope to a wide array of pets. During my visit with my daughter Maria, we saw everything from hawks to baby rabbits, to turtles, to ferrets, to kittens and dogs.  

(Gail Ann and her daughter Maria)

The Harlem Road facility is home to a barn, which houses farm animals. We met Sheila, who was on duty caring for the pigs, ducks, chickens, a goat and a mini horse. You can tell by Sheila’s smile...they are all her favorite animals. One of the smaller pigs was actually receiving behavioral therapies from the SPCA following a traumatic incident.  

(Shelia at the barn)

(Pigs and Geese in the SPCA barn)


On our way back to the main building, we ran into Silas who was getting his “Crazy” in the outdoor playground. From Frisbee to pool to ball... Silas was loving it all, and we were loving him right back.

(Silas taking a dip!)

The SPCA also has a Wildlife component. We were allowed to see the newborn baby squirrels and bunnies, as well as a number of birds, including two hawks.  

(Some of the animals in the WildLife Facility)

Continued loving care was seen in the infirmary where animals were being treated for various injuries of ailments. By the look in their eyes, most seemed to know they were getting a second chance.

(Baby kitten on the mend!)

Happily, the number of dogs up for adoption was low on this day, but we did meet a few real “hams” still waiting for their day in the sun.  Kittens and cats were resting, and playing, eating and socializing. Each feline with an individual personality just waiting to show off for you!

(Looking for a warm and happy home!)

The turtles, ferrets and frogs were beautifully displayed in their own comfortable habitats… and they also would like to come home with you.

(Sleeping and Swimming!)

For my daughter and me… We soaked in the the cuteness, the wonder, the love and the willingness from everyone at the SPCA serving Erie County to do right by all of the animals in their care. Of course, we had to go to the Petique to buy a toy for Finnick and a coffee mug with the SPCA logo on it.

(Little WECK Kitties!)

What a great afternoon! Thank you to our animal warriors at the SPCA!  

(Some of the proud SPCA workers!)


Finnick at the Fair


It’s time for Western New York to celebrate summer at the 179th Erie County Fair. Obviously, I can’t bring my dog Finnick, so I brought his look-alike to explore some of what is going on. Let’s follow Finny on his fair adventure…

First things first… Let’s go visit my mom at the WECK gazebo and spin the wheel to benefit Hospice of Buffalo.














Next up…some food.  Kettle Corn, Mr. Stickey’s, and some yummy desserts.

Then it’s off to here some great Big Band music.

I’m off to visit some animals and the cool flowers in the Urban Garden. I saw the Blacksmith too…

I got a little lost, so the signs helped me out.

Game time! I went to two “I Got It” stands, but didn’t win a thing. Not my lucky day!

I stopped in to visit with the “Friends of the Fair”.

I rested in the grass. No… I didn’t do anything else… I promise!!!!

And finally for the day… I went to see the Sleep Number beds.  

My number is anything between 0 and 100.

I’m heading home for now… though, be sure to check back in for more Finny Fun soon!



What do I do with THAT??

For some reason, Dill plants grow all throughout my vegetable garden… almost to the point of annoyingly. For years I really didn’t know how to use it, so it usually withered away unused at the end of the season. Last year I decided to harvest some of it and learn what to use it with.  

Growing Dill

I did a little research on the plant itself and found out that it’s a native of China, but used throughout the world in many different cuisines. Most people use the fronds (the wispy little greens that grow off the branches. You can also use the seeds in recipes, but they take on more of a caraway flavor. So what can you do with Dill???? Try it in the following ways and tell me you don’t grow to love it:


-Mix with cream cheese, parsley and chives for your morning bagel.


-Use it in a cream sauce to drizzle over grilled salmon.


-Use it along with butter on potatoes and baby carrots.


-Toss some in your yolk mixture when making deviled eggs.


-Make a tangy cucumber, onion, vinegar and dill salad.


-Definitely use it for quick pickling recipes.


-Use it in Ranch dressing (store bought or homemade).


If Dill is growing in your garden… give it a try! Cut down the mature stalks, tie the ends and stores in a sealed paper bag in a cool, dry place for a few days. The seeds should easily fall to the bottom of the bag and the fronds you can chop into smaller pieces. I put them in mini mason jars and keep them in with my spices. Let me know if you tried anything with your dill this season!



Use Those Tomatoes!

If you’re anything like me… I over-plant my garden every year, and right about now, I start to panic when I see hundreds of tomatoes popping and beginning to ripen. Last year my sister stumbled on a great recipe for a roasted tomato sauce that you can use in virtually any dish. You can also freeze the sauce to remind yourself of your successful growing skills. For this recipe you will need:

2 Pounds of Tomatoes

2 Carrots

1 Medium Onion

3 Tablespoons of Olive Oil

Salt/ Pepper

6-8 Tablespoons of Beef (or Vegetable) Broth

A Third of a Cup of Herbs (Basil, Oregano, Parsley)

2 Tablespoons of Balsamic Vinegar

1 Head of Garlic

Preheat your oven to 300-degrees.  Wash and take the tops off the tomatoes. Line a cookie sheet with tin foil and place the tomatoes, chopped carrots, chopped onion and herbs on the foil. Drizzle the olive oil and broth over the tomatoes and salt and pepper. Mix everything to coat with the oil and vinegar. Next, cut the top off your head of garlic and wrap it in foil with a drizzle of olive oil. Completely wrap the garlic with the foil and place on the cookie sheet. Let everything cook for 2 to 3 hours. After cooling the mixture, put the tomatoes in a food processor. Squeeze the head of garlic into the processor as well. Blend all of the ingredients and you will have a tasty and versatile sauce to make your favorite Italian dishes. Mangia!!!!!


If you have your own recipe for summertime veggies… Email me and we can share it with our listeners!





Coffee and Rice... Who Knew??

I love to hear about new and creative ways to use things that most of us have in our kitchens to accomplish everyday tasks. This time around, I’ll give you some awesome, and unusual uses for rice and coffee.

Let’s start with the coffee. Of course, helping to wake us up in the morning would be the main objective, but you can also try some of the following tricks for your grounds, for example: First, fill a an old pair of panyhose with coffee grounds and tie both sides. Another thing you can do is put the bag under your car seat to filter out odors. Using coffee grounds can help clean stubborn stains on your pots and pans. You can then use coffee grounds mixed with hand soap to get the smell of garlic or fish off your hands. Dried used coffee grounds make a great homemade pin-cushion filler. Used coffee grounds, added to other composting materials will help your gardens grow and your flowers bloom. Apply cool, strong coffee to dry hair and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse and your hair will be extremely shiny! You can also place a few coffee beans in your salt shaker to keep the salt from caking.

Rice is another one of those handy things that most of us have in our cupboards, so try a few of these following tips: If your blender blades are dull, put a half a cup of uncooked rice in and let your blender run for a few minutes. If you're waiting for your fruit to ripen, put some uncooked rice in with the fruit and the ripening process will speed up. Do you also have silk flowers in your house that are looking a little dusty?? Put some rice in a bag along with the flowers, close and shake vigorously and the dust is gone! Futhermore, you can dry out wet shoes or boots by putting uncooked rice in them and leaving them overnight. In addition, leaving an open container of uncooked rice in your toolbox and it will prevent your tools from rusting.

Give these a try and let me know if they work for you. If you have any rice or coffee hacks….let me know! You can email me at any time!












Coffee and Rice... Who Knew??



to hear about new and creative ways to use things that most of us have in our kitchens to accomplish everyday tasks. This time around, I’ll give you some awesome, and unusual uses for rice and coffee.

Let’s start with the coffee. Of course, helping to wake us up in the morning would be the main objective, but you can also try some of the following tricks for your grounds, for example:

1.)Fill a piece of an old pair of panyhose with coffee grounds and tie both sides. Put the bag under your car seat to filter out odors.

2.) Use coffee grounds to help clean stubborn stains on your pots and pans.

3.)Use coffee grounds mixed with hand soap to get the smell of garlic or fish off your hands.

4.)Dried used coffee grounds make a great homemade pin-cushion filler.

5.)Used coffee grounds, added to other composting materials will help your gardens grow and your flowers bloom.

6.)Apply cool, strong coffee to dry hair and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse and your hair will be extremely shiny!

7.)Place a few coffee beans in your salt shaker to keep the salt from caking.

Coffee Grounds






















Rice is another one of those handy things that most of us have in our cupboards, so try a few of these following tips:

1.) If your blender blades are dull, put a half a cup of uncooked rice in and let your blender run for a few minutes.

2.)If you waiting for your fruit to ripen, put some uncooked rice in with the fruit and the ripening process will speed up.

3.)Do you have silk flowers in your house that are looking a little dusty??  

4.)Put some rice in a bag along with the flowers, close and shake vigorously and the dust is gone!

5.)You can dry out wet shoes or boots by putting uncooked rice in them

and leaving them overnight.

Leave an open container of uncooked rice in your toolbox and it will prevent your tools from rusting.






















Give these a try and let me know if they work for you. If you have any rice or coffee hacks….let me know! You can email me at any time!



Super Succulents

Everything old becomes new again… or so the saying goes!! So, in recent years, I’ve jumped on the succulent bandwagon and I’m having a blast.


If you’ve been to any garden center recently, you’ve probably noticed an array of succulents or by definition… any plant having fleshy tissues that conserve moisture. I prefer to describe them as little cacti. Years ago, our family had this groovy terrarium that sported some hideous looking succulents, but they were cool back then. Not knowing how to care for succulents, I actually rid an entire front garden of them several years ago.


What turned me back to these little critters were the way people were growing them. You could find them popping up in old tea cups, or broken logs or glass teardrops hanging above a kitchen window.  Most recently, they have been trending for bridal bouquets and the designs are as beautiful as the succulents themselves.



Bridal Bouquet of Succulent PlantsWhether you choose to grow them indoors or outdoors (or both), there are a few things you should take into consideration so they stay looking their best. According to Better Homes and Gardens, succulents require some special care. First, you must remember they are desert plants, so they can stay dry for quite some time.  That does not mean you should spritz them with water every now and then. Even in the desert, rain does fall, so when you water your succulents, give them a soaking and then let them dry again. If planting indoors, make sure you place them in a south facing window and follow the same watering directions.


Most importantly with succulents… Have fun and be creative.  Ask any garden professional to show you the varieties they have in stock!!!


My very own succulents.
Another one of my succulents.


Latest on The Thailand Cave Rescue

The boys, ages 11-16, and their 25-year-old coach became stranded when they went exploring inside after a practice game. Monsoon flooding blocked off their escape and prevented rescuers from finding them for almost 10 days.
Follow the latest updates below:



The Pets of WECK

I’ve heard it said
That to love a pet
Surely is not very smart.
For all too soon
They pass away
And take a piece of your heart.
I know that some 
Will take that advice
And never know what they will miss.
But I have walked
A different path
And my pets have left me with this:
In the end
The love they take
Can never equal 
The LOVE they make!
When the microphone clicks off and the daily work is done, we all leave WECK and head home. Our job requires us to be upbeat and positive, but all have days wh the glass feels half empty rather than half full.
We would like to share with you our secret weapons to getting us back on track: Our Pets!!

Tom Donahue’s little guy Tucker. Tom says he’s 10 pounds of love and laughs for he and his wife Barb!

Joe Chille has a cat named “Baby”. Joe says she thinks she’s a lapdog and waits for him in the window every day!

Jon Summers has two cuties. Introducing Otis the cat and Clara the dog. Jon says they love each other as much as they love people. He also shares that besides his wife and son, they are the loves of his life.

Steve Cichon has a true beauty named Willow.  He and his wife adopted her from the SPCA.  Steve says not to let the grey beard fool you , she still thinks she’s a puppy !

Gail Ann has a little guy named Finnick.  He is the ruler of our house and rules with love! I mean…..c’mon look at that face!


Take a peek inside the news Pano's!


Living History Day

Living History Day will be held on Thursday, June 7th, 2018 at the Fredonia campus.


Living History Day
Thursday, June 7, 2018
Free Family Event
SUNY at Fredonia Campus
4:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
The Boston Historical Society with Hamburg Kiwanis and other local partners proudly offer the Living History Day, a free family event that transports the community back in time to early American history. This event is unique to the area and is more than a battle reenactment since it immerses participants into the culture of the era through demonstrations and hands-on activities. We have invited selected schools throughout the area to attend from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The community is welcomed between 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. We may offer an opportunity to:
? Attend presentations of student research
? Participate in the cultural traditions of the Seneca Nation and the Iroquois Confederacy
? Appreciate historical perspectives
o Loyalist and Patriot
o Union and Confederate
? Learn British tactics during the Revolutionary War
? Communicate messages across the battlefield with the Signal Corps
? Discover primitive medical technologies and techniques
? Drill with reenactors
? Enjoy a ladies’ fashion show
? Examine essential household items from the 19th Century
? Interact with historical interpreters Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Mary Walker, and Generals Lee & Grant
? Listen to the bugle calls
? Load an artillery piece
? Measure and analyze with Army Engineers
? Meet the horses and understand the advantages of the cavalry during the War
? Play cricket
? Realize the challenges of living on a 19th Century farm
? Recognize the work of the Sanitary Commission with wounded soldiers
? Visit the tent of a leather sutler
? Watch as blacksmiths shape iron
To learn more about our event, please call the Boston Historical Society
at (716) 941-5139 or email directorofeducationbhs@gmail.com.


Citizenship? What are you bringing back? Ever smoke pot?

Get ready for the question, Have you ever smoked marijuana? Customs officers are getting ready for legal pot in Ontario, with the fear that both Americans and Canadians might try to bring marijuana over the border.
Phil Fairbanks reports in The Buffalo News:


Main Street, Williamsville construction: What to expect

Starting next Monday, you'll be thinking about the good ol'days of just reguar ol'traffic jams on Main Street in Williamsville, once construction begins, tearing up Main Street between the 290 and Williamsville South.
Nearly 4 million dollars will be poured into the five month project, which will see the street re-paved-- but also make it more walkable.
A project timetable and Main Street Business reaction from the Buffalo News:


Main Street in Williamsville is about to get a makeover. Here's what to expect


Make plans to make a clean break for vacation

Remember when vacations were a time to get away from it all?

The folks at Accountemps and The Robert Half Company have nine tips to help make your vacation a clean break...

How to Take a Work Vacation That's a True Escape


Yanny or Laurel?

Do you hear Yanny or Laurel? 

This is a real question-- some people hear the voice say "Laurel," others say "Yanny."

Hear for yourself, and read about perhaps why some of us hear it differently. 

Yanny or Laurel?


School Budget Breakdown-- District by District

Across New York State, voters are deciding on school district budgets today. 

The Buffalo News has broken down the proposals in Erie and Niagara Counties:


Slow Roll starts tonight: Full schedule


Slow Roll Buffalo's first bike ride is Monday, May 7, and starts at the Electric Tower downtown.



Kim Pegula: most powerful woman in sports?

Her new roles as President of the Bills and President of the Sabres solidifies Kim Pegula's role in the Buffalo business community and on the national stage.

She's the only woman to hold the title of President in both the NHL and the NFL.

Mark Gaughan's Buffalo News story about her expectations and challeneges are on the front page of the Buffalo News today:

Kim Pegula wielding unprecedented power, faces heavy lift with Bills, Sabres


Skyway Closure specifics

Skyway Lane closures have begun.
The bottom line is, unless you're commuting from the Southtowns to Downtown during the morning rush hour-- you'll need to find another way, other than the Skyway, to get into downtown from Lackawanna, Blasdell, Hamburg, and points south from today through November. 
The official break-down from the New York State DOT:
The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) today announced that construction has begun on the project to perform bridge deck rehabilitation on NY Route 5, the Buffalo Skyway, in the city of Buffalo, Erie County. 
Starting Monday, April 30, at 11:00 a.m. the eastbound (inbound) lanes of the Buffalo Skyway, between Ohio Street and Interstate 190, will be closed and motorists will begin utilizing the westbound (outbound) lanes for both inbound and outbound traffic under the following schedule:
5:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. weekdays, Buffalo Skyway open to inbound (eastbound) traffic only.
11:00 a.m. until noon weekdays, Buffalo Skyway closed to all traffic.
Noon until 3:00 a.m. the following day, weekdays, Buffalo Skyway open to outbound (westbound) traffic only.
3:00 a.m. until 5:00 a.m. weekdays, Buffalo Skyway closed to all traffic.
Saturdays and Sundays, Buffalo Skyway open to outbound (westbound) traffic only.
Posted detours will direct traffic affected by the closures. This traffic pattern will remain in effect until November 2018. This work is weather-sensitive and will be delayed in the event of inclement weather.
Motorists are advised to obey the posted speed limit along the detour route and allow for additional travel time.  Motorists are also reminded that fines are doubled for speeding in a work zone.  In accordance with the Work Zone Safety Act of 2005, convictions of two or more speeding violations in a work zone could result in the suspension of an individual’s driver’s license.
For real-time travel information, call 511 or visit www.511ny.org.  Find NYSDOT on the web at www.dot.ny.gov, and on Twitter at @NYSDOTBuffalo. 


Ch. 2's GREAT Alton Brown-style response to his dissing our wings

She uses Alton Brown's own unique style to respond to his recent remarks about "freakin' Buffalo" on a YouTube foor program. 

Channel 2's Chief Internet Beef and Grudge correspondent, Kate Welshofer, is back again to defend Buffalo and its beloved chicken wings. Last time she roasted Frank's RedHot, this time she took on Food Network star Alton Brown. What she says, though, may shock you.

Channel 2's Kate Welshofer puts Alton Brown in his place



Arrest in NT Cold Case Murder

An arrest yesterday in the 1993 murder of a North Tonawanda high school student.
Mandy Steingasser's murder has been unsolved for nearly a quarter century, though Joseph Belstadt -- the last person seen with Steingasser-- has been the only suspect for decades.
After having strong circumstantial evidence since from the very beginning, Niagara County DA Caroline Wojtaszek says there is now forensic evidence tying Belstadt to the murder.
He was arraigned Wednesday on second degree murder charges.
Buffalo News reporter Dan Herbeck has been covering this story since Steingasser went missing 24 years ago.
Here's the story he filed on Wednesday's arrest:

24 years later, surprise arrest in 1993 killing of North Tonawanda teen


Live Toronto updates from CBS

An attack on Yonge Street in Toronto on Monday, leaves 10 dead, more than a dozen others were hurt in the attack. 
Police were able to arrest the driver, who has been identified as 25-year-old Alek Minassian.  Police chief Mark Saunders said he was taken into custody without incident. 
One official did assure people that the attack is not connected to national security.  

Click for the latest from Toronto


WECK: 102.9 in the Southtowns, and now 100.5 in the Northtowns!

It's crystal clear FM for fans of Timeless Favorites north of the City of Buffalo.

WECK has added yet another way to listen to Buffalo's Very Own Timeless Favorites!

In addition to 102.9 FM in the Southtowns, you can now listen to 100.5 FM in the Northtowns.

As always, you can listen to WECK almost anywhere in Western New York on 1230 AM or anywhere in the world at WECKBuffalo.com.


Coverage for 100.5 FM

“The response to our full-service, local personality-based adult standards format has been incredible,” stated Buddy Shula, Owner and President of Radio One Buffalo. “Adding FM coverage for rapidly growing parts of our Metro is important to WECK’s overall growth strategy - and to the service to our communities.”

“WECK’s availability on multiple platforms makes Buffalo’s Very Own station easy to hear anywhere in Western New York – and really around the world,” added Glenn Topolski, Program Director of WECK.

WECK’s FM coverage is now provided by two FM translators – and the station is available worldwide at WECKBuffalo.com, on smartphones and via smart speaker products, such as the Amazon Echo.

WECK is a local full service, personality-based adult standards station, which began adding live and local personalities in mid-2017, after the station was purchased by long-time Buffalo air personality and radio marketing executive, Buddy Shula.

WECK features market veterans Steve Cichon, Tom Donahue and Gail Ann Huber in mornings; Jon Summers and Harv Moore in middays; Joe Chille weekday afternoons (with Danny Neaverth on Friday afternoons); Moon Rivers with WECK After Hours. WECK is Buffalo’s exclusive CBS News affiliate.

WECK aspires to be a model for the industry in returning to all local programming, with an emphasis on trusted air personalities and local community involvement.


2018 Bills Schedule

Here's the 2018 Bills scehdule, in an easy to print pdf from the Buffalo Bills website:

2018 Bills Schedule


Tickets on sale for Golden Boys show at The Erie County Fair

Frankie Avalon, Fabian and Bobby Rydell, also known as Dick Fox’s Golden Boys, will be live in concert at The Erie County Fair on Sunday, August 12th at 7:30p. These men represent three of the most popular teen idols of the late 1950s and early 1960s. The concert will spotlight each of the performers and their all-time greatest hits like “Turn Me Loose,” “Tiger” and “I’m A Man” (Fabian); “Venus,” “De De Dinah” and “Bobby Sox to Stockings” (Avalon); and “Volare,” “Wild One” and “Kissin’ Time” (Rydell).
Reserved seats will be $35 and general admission tickets are $20. Buy online at tickets.com, at the Fairgrounds Main Office or by calling 1-888-223-6000.


Today Show in Buffalo to celebrate 96-year-old volunteer

The Today Show was in WNY Today.
Al Roker was in Buffalo as a part of the Neighbors Helping Neighbors series and visited with 96-year old Daisy Estelle Anderson with the Ladies of Charities.

Watch: Al Roker in Buffalo


New downtown train station plans unveiled

There was incredible community-wide buzz when there was hope that a new train station might be installed at the old Central Terminal on Buffalo's East Side. That excitement turned to anger when the Central terminal location was nixed in favor of rebuilding the current station.

But as plans for the new station were unveiled by the state DOT, reaction was generally positive.

Mark Sommer reports in The Buffalo News today. 

Plans unveiled for new downtown Buffalo train station


"Smart" transportation coming to the Medical Campus

The latest in driverless technology is part of a cutting edge plan to move poeple through Buffalo's Medical Campus up as far as Canisius College.

Karen Robinson reports on the front page story in today's Buffalo News.

Medical Campus creating downtown Smart Corridor along Main Street


Buffalo Wing Trail

Visit Buffalo Niagara makes it much easier for travellers to Western New York to find the best wings around with the newly unveiled "Buffalo Wing Trail."

See which wing joints made the cut:



The changes coming to your Spectrum Cable service

As Spectrum Cable upgrades it's delivery to digital-- it's going to cost you. If not immediately, eventually. 


Samantha Christmann looks at the changes in The Buffalo News today:


You may soon pay a lot more for Spectrum Cable


Food Truck Tuesdays underway

Food trucks are gearing up for another season at Larkin Square! Food Truck Tuesdays begins April 10 and runs every Tuesday until October 2. The event is free and open to the public thanks to the generosity of presenting sponsor KeyBank and sponsor Independent Health.

Food Truck Tuesdays Begin April 10


Mass Mob on the West Side Sunday

The Buffalo Mass Mob is heading to the West Side’s Our Lady of Hope R.C. church on Sunday, April 15, 2018 for 11:00 A.M. Mass. This will be the twenty-sixth Mass Mob the group has staged since it was founded in 2013. The concept is simple. Buffalo Mass Mob picks a church and asks the public to come en masse to worship on a selected Sunday.


More Information: The Buffalo Mass Mob heads west to Our Lady of Hope Parish


Amherst celebrates 200th birthday

Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village presents
The Amherst Bicentennial Reception
Thursday, April 5th, 2018
5:00 to 8:00 pm
Join us as we celebrate Amherst’s 200th birthday, and see WECK's Steve Cichon in an original short play from O'Connell & Company.


Polish Proverbs from the Discount Diva

Since everyone is Polish on Dyngus Day, here are some Polish money proverbs – though they may not be Polish in origin – to ponder over your pierogi.-- Samantha Christmann in The Buffalo News


Read more:


Discount Diva: For Dyngus Day, some money proverbs from Poland


Steps you should take if (when) you win the Mega Millions

If you hit the $502 million Mega Millions jackpot, here are tips for keeping it quiet, from MSNBC:




Looking back and ahead at Shea's Seneca

Work continues in re-opening the South Buffalo landmark Shea's Seneca theater.


Buffalo News reporter Jonathan Epstein looks at the work going into the Seneca Street building, and the tenants that can be expected to soon start populating the building.


Shea's Seneca lands coffeehouse, bar, florist, tacos


Buffalo Stories looks back at the buildings past as a theater, with six vintage photos and memories.


What It Looked Like Wednesday: Shea’s Seneca Theatre in South Buffalo



Ranking WNY's physical health and personal financial health

Buffalo and Erie County landing on a couple of interesting surveys.
Lendingtree.com says there's no better place in the country than Buffalo to start over if you've had some financial difficulty. They looked at 8 different metrics in the nation's 50 largest metro areas. 
US News and World Report has issued a county-by county look at the nation's healthiest communities.
Erie County didn't make the top 500 but there was some good news and bad news to take away from the data:
  • We live a little longer, smoke a little less and are 200% more likely to be insured than the national average here...
  • But while we spend 80% more per student here-- our graduation rates are 7 points below average. 


How Healthy is Erie County?

Best Places for a Fresh Start


Clarence Custodian asking for your vote

The maintenance man at Harris Hill Elementary in Clarence is a finalist for Janitor of the Year.


Mark Zaidel, a beloved janitor at Harris Hill Elementary School, wears many hats throughout the school year. From dressing up as Santa Claus during the school’s annual holiday concert to wearing a funny cowboy hat while mowing the grass, Mr. Z always knows how to put a smile on a student’s face.


When an infamous Buffalo blizzard hits, Mr. Z is the first person to act, paving paths for little feet to enter the school safe and sound. And when a child loses a tooth at school, and evidently misplaces it, Mr. Z puts on his Tooth Fairy hat and comes to the rescue with a pouch of cool shark teeth he keeps on hand for this very occasion, allowing kids to keep one and put under their pillow.


While Mr. Z is known for his creative and funny personality, he’s also known for his endless compassion and is always looking out for kids with special needs, helping them feel like part of the community in any way that he can.


You can vote for Mark Zaidel at the link below


From super heroes to fairy godmothers, this year’s top 10 finalists for Cintas Corporation’s

2018 Janitor of the Year Contest are extraordinary individuals. In its fifth year, the Janitor of the Year Contest aims to draw attention to the everyday heroes that wear invisible capes and go above and beyond their job description to make schools a clean, healthy and fun learning environment.  





Photos and assignments of accused Catholic priests

Bishop Richard Malone announced the names of 42 priests accused of abuse of children.  

Here are photos of 38 of the accused:


The Buffalo News has compiled an in depth list of parish and other assignments from the priests who appeared on the list.




The Rick James parking garage

Colin Dabkowski writes about a proposed Rick James neon sign for the Elmwood Strip:

"A large neon sign featuring the likeness of Buffalo-born funk star Rick James may soon anchor a new project designed to transform a little-known public parking garage near the former Women's and Children's Hospital into a destination for fans of Buffalo music and public art."



Rick James on Buffalo:

“The people of Buffalo are beautiful. There’s a lot of talent here,” said Rick James upon his return here in 1977. See some great photos of Rick James around town... 

Rick James on Buffalo: ‘It’s a great town, but it’s a strange place'



The BBC reports on a Buffalo drug court

The BBC is reporting on the story of Buffalo City Court Judge Craig Hannah-- whose own struggles with addiction have lead him to run Buffalo's drug court.





SPCA: Shroom the Cat with an Elvis snarl

Check out Shroom the cat and the rest of the animals at the SPCA serving Erie County!




Jim Carrey's latest painting is causing a stir

Actor Jim Carrey is facing heat for an image he painted and posted to Twitter.

Some say it's an unflattering image of Presidential spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Read more from CBS:



Easter at the Broadway Market




Here's a rundown of the schedule from now til Easter at the Broadway Market:


Is your home made sausage Buffalo's best kielbasa?

Do you or someone you know make amazing homemade Polish sausage?
Is it good enough to the Buffalo's Best Kielbasa?
Buffalo's Best Kielbasa contest comes to the Broadway Market on Dyngus Day, and organizers want to share your sausage for a shot a processed meat glory.
Here's the application for the contest:


Looking at Shea's upcoming season

Shea's has announced it's full 2018-19 Broadway season. 

Buffalo News Critic Colin Dabkowski takes a look at the shows making it to Buffalo this year:



Ranch or bleu cheese on your (Buffalo) wings?

Frank's Red Hot is the secret ingredient in most of Buffalo's favorite chicken wings, but that doesn't mean the folks who run Frank's social media accounts know Buffalo's secret handshake when it comes to wings.

Over the weekend, Frank's tweeted about eating "Buffalo wings" with (sorry to shock you so early in the morning) ranch dressing. 

After Buffalo collectively lost its mind on Twitter, Frank's has been trying to make up for the gaffe-- which is only a gaffe inside the 716 area code. 

Steve Watson takes a look at the tweet and the resposnse in The Buffalo News: 



SPCA Baby Wildlife Shower

The spring season is fast-approaching and the SPCA will see an influx of orphaned and injured baby wild animals. Please join us for an open house as we celebrate all things wild and prepare for the busy baby season.
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
More info:



Taste of Buffalo Poster contest

Create original artwork for a poster that best conveys the essence of the Taste of Buffalo and the Taste of Buffalo’s 35th birthday celebration in the center of our city, Buffalo, NY. All entries must contain the required elements, and comply with the specifications and design rules listed in these rules.




Controversy swirls over renting out baby chicks for Easter

There's a wide range of opinion on a story that's been floating around Facebook and the TV news over the last couple of days:
Should Steve's Wonderful World of Pets Amherst be renting chicks for Easter?
Owner Steve Lane tells The Buffalo News "These (chicks) come out of the food industry for a couple weeks and they get some loving by kids. I think we're doing a service for these chicks."
But Gina Browning with the SPCA says, "We dont think this is right."
Read Steve Watson's complete story for The Buffalo News:



Putting the Chestnut back in Chestnut Ridge

Most of us don't even think about it, but Orchard Park's Chestnut Ridge Park doesn't actually have any chestnut trees-- the last of them died in the 90s. 
Sandra Tan reports in The Buffalo News today that county officals are making a concerted effort to bring back chestnut trees to chestnut ridge... 

Read the full story from The Buffalo News here:



The Buffalo News looks at different Assembly and Senate bills in the wake of Parkland

In Albany, lawmakers are trying to respond to the call for changes to gun laws and better protections for kids in schools, but the Democrat-run Assembly and Republican-run Senate are going in different directions.


Today, The Buffalo News breaks down the Assembly bills-- which emphasize modifying gun laws, and the Senate bills-- which emphasize directly making schools safer. 



Today's So Happy Together cats: California and Slate

The 10-year-old brother and sister should be adopted together. 

More about California and Slate... and all the cats at the SPCA Serving Erie County 


Touchdown for Teachers Entry info

The winner of Touchdown for Teachers will receive:
  • $2,000 in grant funds, payable to the school or district to further their impact
  • An in-class visit from a Buffalo Bills Player or Alumnus
  • Two tickets to a Buffalo Bills spring special event
Four finalists will receive:
  • $500 in grant funds, payable to the school or district to further their impact
  • Two tickets to a Buffalo Bills spring special event
  • All nominees will receive a certificate of recognition from the Buffalo Bills and M&T Bank.


Click here to enter