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Steve on WECK Blog Archives for 2018-03

100 years of changes at ECMC

The Erie County Medical Center celebrates 100 years this week.


This story takes a look back how the hospital now known as ECMC has changed through the years. 






Making White Bread Meals

I've been cooking since I was 5 or 6 years old-- and when I make those recipes as an adult, some people get mad.


But these are the delicious (if not slightly grotesque) recipes I created as a Kindergartener and still enjoy today. 


Some folks became viscerally agnry when I shared a photo of a boiled hot dog-- so I decided to create an entire how-to video on the creation of pizza bread.


Watch the video, but hey! don't judge!! :)




Buffalo's Broadway Market traditions

It's a Buffalo tradition that dates back to 1888...
Easter shopping at the Broadway Market!
Looking back at some Easters' past at Buffalo's public market:
My grandfather spoke quite often of his family's trips to the Market... and the fact that his mother often tied him to a horse hitch while she shopped! Gramps talks about the Broadway Market, Sattlers, and duck blood soup---czarnina. He grew up in Buffalo's Valley neighborhood in the 1920s and 30s.. a few blocks away from what is now "The Larkin District." 
More from Gramps:
More from the Broadway Market's past:


Van Miller & Cookie Gilchrist on National Earmuffs Day

March 13th is National Earmuff Day-- it's the day 15-year-old Chester Greenwood was awarded a patent for his "ear protectors" in 1877. 
Buffalo's most infamous earmuffs were sold-- or never sold-- by one of the early Buffalo Bills' most colorful players.
Read more:


The Kaufman's Rye Bread jingle

We were talking about classic Buffalo radio jingles this morning on the WECK Coffee Club, and Gail Ann had never heard the Kaufman's Rye Bread commercial-- so Tom and I sang it live for her. 

Now Tom is an accomplished vocalist, but I fear my tone deaf singing may have brought him down.

Either way, the orginal is still the best-- and I dug it up in the Buffalo Stories archive to give it a listen:


You can read the story I wrote about Kaufman's Bakery here, and search for other Buffalo memories at BuffaloStories.com.

What Buffalo jingle would you love to hear again? Let me know, drop me an email at newsroom@weckbuffalo.com and if we have it in the Buffalo Stories achive, maybe we'll play it on an upcoming edition of the WECK Coffee Club. 


--Steve Cichon | newsroom@weckbuffalo.com


Welcome to the Steve on WECK Blog...

It's exciting to be bringing you the news all day on WECK-- but I'm also excited to be writing about and talking about many of the things that make Buffalo the great place that it is... 


I hope you'll check out some of Buffalo's pop culture history that I've collected on my own website, http://www.buffalostories.com, and see the kinds of things you can expect in the coming days and weeks on WECK...


If there's a memory you'd like to share, or a question you have-- I'd love to hear from you.. my email address is newsroom@weckbuffalo.com


I can't wait to join in sharing some of Buffalo's great stories with Buffalo's greatest radio listeners!


All the news you need without dwelling on it... and then music to make you smile

It's really been a great first week on WECK.


I'm honored to be working with such an amazing array of talent, especially Tom and Gail on the WECK Coffee Club.


This year marks my 25th year in radio news-- but tomorrow's big snow storm marks the first time I'm going to be able to be a part of a team putting together the kind of news, information, and entertainment package that best gets us through events like a morning drive snow storm.


I'll put together the latest, complete up-to-the moment information about the storm, any traffic situations, any problems with power, and anything else that pops up-- get that information on the air for you immediately as we get it, and then-- instead of dwelling on it, we play a great song. 


We don't need 12 minutes worth of interviews to say that there was a foot of snow and traffic is slow on the 33. 


We'd rather spent 20 seconds giving you the basic information without embellishment or dramatics, and then we play a timeless favorite.


Being stuck on the 33 isn't half as bad when you're able to find out why you're stuck-- but then sing along with some of the greatest music of all time.


That's how we're proud to do it on Timeless Favorites, Buffalo's Very Own, WECK. 


Be thankful you can't hear me singing along... I was jamming with Starbuck this morning.