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Steve on WECK Blog

It's really been a great first week on WECK.


I'm honored to be working with such an amazing array of talent, especially Tom and Gail on the WECK Coffee Club.


This year marks my 25th year in radio news-- but tomorrow's big snow storm marks the first time I'm going to be able to be a part of a team putting together the kind of news, information, and entertainment package that best gets us through events like a morning drive snow storm.


I'll put together the latest, complete up-to-the moment information about the storm, any traffic situations, any problems with power, and anything else that pops up-- get that information on the air for you immediately as we get it, and then-- instead of dwelling on it, we play a great song. 


We don't need 12 minutes worth of interviews to say that there was a foot of snow and traffic is slow on the 33. 


We'd rather spent 20 seconds giving you the basic information without embellishment or dramatics, and then we play a timeless favorite.


Being stuck on the 33 isn't half as bad when you're able to find out why you're stuck-- but then sing along with some of the greatest music of all time.


That's how we're proud to do it on Timeless Favorites, Buffalo's Very Own, WECK. 


Be thankful you can't hear me singing along... I was jamming with Starbuck this morning.